A Non Profit Drug Treatment Facility

We are a recovery oriented system of care with a focus on the individual. Our programs are designed to assist our clients in the finding solutions. strength and hope.

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Farrell Treatment Center is a nonprofit substance abuse treatment facility licensed by the State of Connecticut. We are a recovery oriented system of care  with a focus on the individual. Our programs are designed to assist our clients in finding solutions, strength and hope. We know that all of our clients having different needs and goals; therefore, we designed our treatment programs to incorporate a variety of approaches; 12 steps facilitation, mindfulness, relapse prevention, seeking safety, family involvement and neurobiological interventions are a sample of treatment modalities. Our staff are dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy, substance free lifestyle by providing a non judgmental atmosphere of respect and dignity.

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Our administrative team can answer all your question and accept referrals. We offer a competitive sliding scale rate and accept many insurance plans, including Medicare, Medicaid and Husky D. Our self-pay rates are reasonable and the most affordable in the area. 

Intensive Residential Treatment

This is a 28 day program (men only). A treatment day includes group and individual counseling. Knowing that addiction affects the family, we encourage families to participate. Our Family Education Group is every Sunday at 12:30 and facilitated by our clinical staff.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

This is designed for clients living in the community; yet need the structure and support of others when 12 step programs are not enough. IOP meets three days a week, three hours a day and client can be evaluated by our psychiatrist. Right now, we offer a day and evening programs. IOP is co-ed.

Outpatient Treatment

Counseling is provided in group, individual or family therapies. Specialty Groups: 

– Women’s Health & Wellness

– Relapse Prevention

– Anger Management

– Individual Counseling 

– Family Counseling 

– Psychiatric Assessment

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“This place saved my life and thanks also to Sally also Shawn … I’m so very blessed to have meet them! And as far as Sally I never meet some one who fights for anybody! Like she does!! I love her for that!” 


“FTC has impacted my life deeply during my arduous, lonely, journey battling the disease of alcoholism. FTC finally provided me with a safe place to explore my triggers, express my deep feelings, and coping skills which are personalized. These gifts are freely given away at FTC.”


“FTC wasn’t just a treatment center, they went above and beyond. I found people that genuinely care. Today, I have a family, a job, self respect.”


“FTC saved my life and cared for me when I was too far gone to care about myself. I have 5 years clean with a wife and wonderful kids and a new granddaughter.”


“In 2009, I showed up at FTC, full of self centeredness, and full of denial. Today, I’m clean. I have the same job since 2010, my own apartment, self respect and the respect of others. I remain grateful and found true happiness.”


“Thank you very much for everything. Its a fantastic program full of passionate people. I had a wonderful experience and I look forward to coming back so I can give back.”


“Two years clean, same job for a year. Thanks to the staff and the doctor who gave me the right the medication. You are the best.”